The 6 Best Christian Themed Widgets for your Website

A widget can be a nice addition to your site as a way to add a little extra content to your website without any maintenance.  It’s simple because you just add a little piece of code and the host of the widget will automatically update the content for you.  We did some research and came up with the below list as the best widgets for a Christian-related website.

For full details and the code required to add the widget to your website, visit the host website. We provided the link for each widget.


Verse of the day widgetVerse of the Day widget from 

This widget displays a different verse every day, randomly selected from a list of the most popular verses in the Bible.

>> Get code here




Christian Quote of the Day WidgetChristian Quote of the Day Widget from

The widget from displays their Christian quote of the day, which changes every day.  Each quote is from a famous Christian author and is displayed in an image to give it a unique look.  It is perfect for putting some inspiration on your website. This widget has 3 different options but the best one is the 300X300 sized image, with an example below.

>> Get code here




Church mice cartoon widgetChristian Comic of the week from

This widget only changes once a week but it is an entertaining Christian comic.  Karl Zorowski is the artist, as well as a minister and wants to use the comic strip as a ministry to a lost and needy world.  They have 2 different sizes of widgets. The smaller of the 2 is displayed below. The dimensions are 439×300 pixels

>> Get code here



Christian Music News WidgetNewly Released Christian Music Widget from

This widget displays the most recent news related to the Christian music and entertainment industry.  They have a team that is dedicated to updating their site and this widget with breaking news and press releases.

>> Get code here







Lookup Bible Verse widgetSearch the Bible Widget from

This widget not only lets you enter Bible verses but also terms and phrases.  So if you want to see where in the Bible it references a specific phrase, you enter it here and it will display all the instances that phrase shows up in the Bible.  A cool widget but the downside is that the content the user is searching for will direct them to the BibleGateway website.

>> Get code here


Christian News WidgetChristian News Widget from Charisma News

Charisma News is a great source of breaking news from a Christian perspective.  And their widget displays their most recent news articles.  They make the widget customizable as well, allowing to change the width, height, the number of articles to display, and more.  They also have downloadable widgets for WordPress and Blogger.

>> Get code here


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