Seek and You Will Find God

Imagine yourself in a strange, dark, and difficult maze in the middle of a room and you are trying to take some steps to the left or right, a step backward or forward just to try to find your way out. Even in my imagination, I am certain enough that your every step will be just out of personal prerogative or just for the sake of moving but you are never sure where you are going. How do you think you will feel then? Lost, deserted, depressed or maybe hopeless or for sure, confusion envelops your soul.

Things are similar when we are in search of God. More often than not, finding God is a person’s last option when they end up being empty, dissatisfied or lost in the realm of life.  So, the life and death question arise; “How can we find God?”, “Can we find something that is not even tangible?”

We are human. So it is okay to doubt or to feel uncertain.  We all have that nature but you can do something about it.  First of all, acknowledge your uncertainty and address your skepticism. Let that lead you to finding what you are looking for. Next, be open minded and most of all; possess an open, submissive and genuine heart and decide to have a relationship with Him, have a firm decision to really know Him. The “One” that you are looking for, is not a thing that you can touch nor is a person that you can describe yet what you are looking for is real. You can find Him through testimonies of those who already have the faith. Know more about Him through the lives of those whom God has touched. Now, the real next big thing is similar to being lost in a maze, you need to have a direction, find Him through His instructions and immerse yourself through His wisdom in His manual known as the “Bible”. It is like his diary where you can get the glimpse of a wonderful entity that you want to have a a relationship with.  The Bible is where God is being revealed to you; find Him in your personal space, in your personal conversation through your prayers and have the conviction and willingness to get in touch with Him.

Furthermore, finding God does not necessarily mean moving out from where you are exactly right now. After knowing who God is through the people He blessed you and through reading His words and revealing His true nature, you can find Him in the most ordinary scenario of your life. Find Him through doing the things you know He would do if He is at your place.  You can be with Him as you share your umbrella to give shade to someone under the heavy down pour of rain, because God is our great protector. Search Him through extending your ears and heart to listen to someone in deep crisis, because God is our best friend. Share with Him your love and laughter as you learn to be selfless and continue to seek the chance to help our brothers and sisters in need, because our God Himself is love. Live with Him as you find every difficulty as a challenge to a more deepening experience for your faith to grow unto Him, as you find reconciliation with every trouble knowing that God is in charge, and believing that you can bring heaven on earth with your faith. God is everywhere; He is right deep in your own existence. Once you find Him, share Him with everyone because just like you before, a lot of people are lost and unsure. Be God’s extension from heaven. Since faith is the currency in heaven, keep praying that you will continually find and in case, you feel you have not found God yet, keep praying still because God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand His wisdom, but we just have to trust His will.  And for sure, when He found you or you found Him, He will never let go of you, anymore because you are like a lost sheep who finally found his way home.

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