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Recommended Reads from February 2013

Here is a list of my favorite reads, audios & videos from the month of February. Good stuff!

William Lane Craig vs. Allen Rosenberg Debate MP3 Audio at Apologetics 315 [2-1-2013]

Richard Dawkins: The Untutored Philosopher by Please Convince Me [2-1-2013]

10 Quick Thoughts for New Atheists by Saints & Skeptics [2-2-2013]

Atheist Church (Yes!) Meets on Sunday by Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis [2-5-2013]

How to Construct a Cumulative Case Argument by Max Andrews at Sententias [2-8-013]

Four Self-Refuting Statements Heard on College Campuses Across America by Stand to Reason [2-8-2013]

Glass on the God Slot (Atheism Debate) at Saints & Skeptics [2-9-2013]

Cosmos, Bios, Theos by Proslogion [2-11-2013]

How reason Leads to faith – Part 1Part 2 by Al Serrato at Please Convince Me [2-11-2013]

5 Questions Science Can’t Answer by Saints & Skeptics [2-11-2013]

How to Lead a Post-Modern Horse to Water by Credo House Ministries [2-11-2013]

If There Proof that Jesus Existed? by CARM [2-?-2013]

Our Sense of Moral Obligation Proves Materialism Is False by Cold Case Christianity [2-15-2013]

When You Stand for Nothing, You’ll Try Anything by Saints & Skeptics [2-16-2013]

Mormonism & Christianity: Which One is Supported by Evidence by Wintery Knight [2-17-2013]

How China plans to Wipe Out House Churches by Christianity Today [2-18-2013]

Peter J. Williams lectures on the historical reliability of the gospel narratives by Wintery Knight [2-18-2013]

A Look at the Modern College Student (Infographic) at Faith on Campus [2-18-2013]

A Brief biblical Case for the Eteral Life of the Soul by Cold Case Christianity [2-18-2013]

Darwin, Dinosaurs & the Devil – Part 1, Part 2 by Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis [2-19-2013],[2-20-013]

Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace by Truthbomb Apologetics [2-19-2013]

Is The Story of Christ a Copy of the Pagan Myths? 40 Minute Lecture by Confident Christianity [2-19-013]

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