Christian Apparel Owner Puts Christian Living Before Christian Clothing

Some may think it is bad business to discourage those that are not living the word from buying T-Shirts however Robinson’s ultimate end goal is sharing the message and changing lives and he is keeping his eye firmly on the prize. 

(OPENPRESS) Christian clothing company, Live The Word owner, Bryan Robinson, aims to grow his business with something different in mind. “There are so many Christian retailers online,” says Robinson. “Most of these stores do not communicate with each other and are very secretive with information about their business.” Robinson compares this to the many Christian churches and denominations in the U.S. and abroad. Instead of coming together as one body of Christ, many churches seem to have their own private agendas. “We are supposed to be coming together to share the gospel, to make a difference in our communities and grow each day in His righteousness.”

The same should apply to us, as Christian entrepreneurs. If we are in this to do God’s work, then we should be helping each other. God’s Word is not to be hidden. It is to be shared. Instead of having many small Christian businesses slowly growing, or struggling to make it, we can be growing each other. “Who cares if another Christian tee shirt company becomes more successful than ours?” Robinson says. “As long as they are doing God’s work, then that’s what we should hope and pray for.”

One Christian entrepreneur that shares this sentiment is owner, Corey Alderin. Robinson and Alderin partnered up a few months ago, and have been sharing information and helping each other out every chance they get.

During a recent interview with the Christian Enquirer, Alderin said, “In most people’s eyes we are competitors and sharing of knowledge would seem odd. But he (Robinson) has been willing to share all his experiences and knowledge with me. He sees us as being a team, rather than competitors. We both believe the end goal is sharing the message, not who gets the most sales. Of course sales will keep us in business, but the true measure of success is the number of changed lives and we both think a partnership is the best way to accomplish that.”

Now they are actively seeking other Christian entrepreneurs to partner or share information with. They would eventually like to see a large partnership group of Christian retail websites, growing each other’s businesses, and growing each other in the Word.

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